Ticketing with benefits

Keeping customers engaged is tough. Perk's autopilot rewards and loyalty platform transforms every purchase and touchpoint into an instant benefit.

Benefiting Everyone

Perks for your Patrons

We've revolutionized customer loyalty by putting purchased benefits on autopilot. Our platform isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. Instantly reward every purchase, and watch as engagement soars, with clients reporting a staggering 17x increase in repeat business.

These world-class teams are already embracing Perk's technology

Key Program Features

Benefits to Customers

Unified Experience

Perk provides a new “Hub” that delivers personalized content from the School in a fun and convenient way. Now there is one spot for website, social media, and email content to live.

Empowering Personalized Giving

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter fundraising. Our platform embraces a personalized touch on giving, creating a synergy that fuels financial support for your school's endeavors. Each student, parent, or staff member can leverage their network to drive donations and participation.

Real Rewards Everywhere

From instant discounts to over 50,000 vendors and Sweepstakes for one-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Perk motivates users beyond buying tickets. The location-based coupon offers on our platform provide customers tailored benefits and discounts based on the event's location, encouraging them to explore local businesses when they travel.

Benefits to HomeTown

Key Competitive Advantage

No competitor has a program and strategy to improve engagement, results, and donations all in one place.

Better Engagement

Students, parents, and the community are brought together through a shared purpose. Our software encourages interaction and involvement, fostering a sense of belonging that goes beyond financial contributions.


Integrating gamification elements can drive higher participation rates, stronger engagement, and improved results. By making fundraising enjoyable and fandom rewarding, students and parents are motivated to activate their community to contribute to their school's success.

Benefits to your Customers

HomeTown will be the only Ticketing solution that adds bonus engagement technology to High Schools turning you from a vendor to a superhero.

All-in-One Event Experience

Our platform will help you revolutionizes the event experience by bringing together ticketing, streaming, fan engagement, and location-based coupon offers and donations all in one place.

Improved Loyalty

With our integrated fan engagement and loyalty programs, customers will witness a surge in fan participation and loyalty. By providing interactive features such as polls, and contests, attendees become active participants rather than passive observers.

Personalized Engagement and Offers

The location-based coupon offers on our platform offer customers a unique advantage. Attendees receive tailored offers and discounts based on the event's location, enhancing their event experience and encouraging them to explore local businesses.

Optimized High School Fundraising

Through gamification, our platform drives higher participation, engagement, and fundraising outcomes. Attendees actively contribute to school events while enjoying interactive experiences.

Key Feature

Personalized Experience

We configure each school to have a branded experience that also personalizes content and copy to make customers and students feel recognized, motivated, and rewarded.

Do it Smarter

Strategic Approach

Our team will ensure that your new system undergoes continuous monitoring, testing, and improvement to optimize user engagement and results. We understand that each interaction not only boosts revenue but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the website.

Agile Updates
Goal Driven Design
Sample UI/UX
Instant Gratification

Automated Content and Rewards

Experience effortless engagement on our platform, where automated social media feeds, tailored incentives and rewards are seamlessly delivered to customers based on their actions and accomplishments. Our system eliminates manual content creation, and reward fulfillment, ensuring instant gratification that fuels desired behaviors and cultivates customer loyalty.

your turnkey loyalty department

Beyond Technology

Our team of experts in design, marketing, strategy, and promotion will manage every aspect of this initiative, along with the technology.

Develop Promotional Materials

Create Beautiful Designs

Handle School Onboarding

Loyalty Customer Care

Engagement Strategy

UI/UX Enhancements

Develop Marketing Campaigns to support sales

Manage Loyalty Program Content

Optimize Communications

Ensure Compliance

Manage Sweepstakes

Find New Perks

Support Users

Manage Communications

Fullfil Rewards

Personalized promotions

Promote Local Rewards

Improve Engagement

Hone Strategy

Manage Users

Support Sale Team

Benefit to Community

Evolve Platform

Increase Donations

Motivate Parents

Increase Participation

Larger Reach

Bigger Prizes

Faster Growth

Unified Experience

Easy set up

Automated Rewards

Social Feed Integration

Feedback friendly

Increase Donations

Turn-Key Team

Our team will manage every aspect of your program, including development, marketing, management, and fulfillment allowing you to stay focused on growth.

Development 👩‍💻Clinic Onboarding 🏥Management 👨‍💼Marketing 👋Strategy 💡Service 📞Gift Cards 💳Content ✏️Design 🎨Prizes 🎁

Helpful Immediately

Immediate Impact


We know getting this program live is a key advantages for HomeTown To help make an impact right away, here is what we will start on.

Fan Engagement

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Determine the specific objectives of your fan engagement site. Identify what kind of interactions you want fans to have, such as consuming content, watching videos, reading articles, clicking links, and attending events. Set clear goals for fan engagement and the points system, ensuring they align with your overall brand and marketing strategies.

Integrate social media feeds, video hosting platforms, and article sources into your platform. Automate the aggregation of content from these sources to ensure a constant flow of fresh material for fan challenges. This automation streamlines the process and keeps the challenges dynamic.

Design a variety of interactive challenges that fans can participate in to earn points. For example, challenge them to watch a specific video, read an article, click on a link to an event page, or attend a live event. Each challenge should have a designated point value based on its complexity and engagement level.

Develop a point system that awards fans points for completing challenges. As fans engage with content and complete challenges, their points accumulate. The point system should be intuitive and transparent, allowing fans to easily track their progress and rewards.

Create user profiles where fans can view their points, track their completed challenges, and see their progress. Develop a reward system that allows fans to redeem their accumulated points for various rewards, such as exclusive merchandise, discounts, access to premium content, or even special experiences.

Implement analytics to monitor fan engagement and challenge effectiveness. Track which challenges are most popular, which content drives the most interaction, and how fans are engaging overall. Use these insights to optimize your engagement strategies and tailor challenges to your audience’s preferences, ensuring ongoing engagement and growth.

Content Automation

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Design a user-friendly template that can reflects the each school’s branding and captures the spirit of its events. Organize the site’s layout to prominently feature the next upcoming event, followed by a clear and accessible full schedule of events. Ensure the design is responsive and easily navigable across different devices.

Integrate our system to pull in information from HomeTown that automatically updates the microsite with information about the next event. This could include event details, date, time, location, and a brief description. Make this information easily visible on the microsite’s homepage, enabling visitors to quickly learn about the upcoming event.

Create a dedicated page or section for the full schedule of events. Organize events by date, time, and type (e.g., sports, musicals, fundraisers). Each event listing should provide essential details and a link to a separate page with more information. Make it easy for visitors to browse the schedule and plan their attendance.

Dynamic Fundraising

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Our Donation feature personalizes fundraising by giving each participant a unique web page and link to share. Personalized fundraising increases the impact and overall giving. 

By using our offers network as a fundraiser, every member will have access to local coupons and discounts throughout the United States and Canada. Wherever they are, their offers will have local establishments and services ready for savings.

With multiple ways to raise money, Perk is poised to benefit Hometown, the local school, individual participants and members. Donations, ticket sales, offers membership are just the start!

The perks,
of Perk

We strive to be partners,
not just a platform.

Seamless Integration

We've joined our tech and support teams to give customers better, faster solutions. By bringing together the latest technology with skilled support staff, we've created a team that combines the best of both worlds.

Custom Solutions

We adapt our methods to fit your specific requirements, goals, and systems. We won't force our technology and tactics on you but rather complement and enhance your business.

Innovative & Agile

We are a dynamic and innovative team that embraces change and challenges. Through cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, we create solutions that exceed expectations.

World-class Support

We've joined our tech and support teams to give customers better, faster solutions. By bringing together the latest technology with skilled support staff, we've created a team that combines the best of both worlds.​

New in q2

Content Automation

We automatically source content, personalize it with the help of AI, and repurpose it to keep your content fresh and your users informed and engaged.

These world-class teams are already embracing Perk Studios

Make it Happen

Next Steps

Map System Integration

To be able to create an account, input your email address and password.

Develop Custom Perk/HomeTown User Experience

Simply input some basic information or keywords about your brand or product.

Launch and Manage

Our dedicated team will manage every aspect of your rewards and loyalty initiative completely on your behalf.

Real Customer • Stories

Ohio State University

These world-class teams are already embracing Perk Studios


Initiative Rates

At Perk, we aim to serve as your company's complete loyalty and customer engagement department. We are dedicated to providing top-notch talent, leadership, and expertise to act as partners and staff to help you outshine your competition.

Custom Perk Integration

Developing a custom Loyalty and Rewards portal based on our shared concept that integrates fully with your ecosystem.

Perk Software License

Base hosting and support to maintain your custom activation and all integrations.

Program Management

We provide comprehensive management services to ensure your team's goals are aligned, and we oversee all aspects of platform operation. This service includes two full-time project leads to manage client, user, and technical aspects of the activation.

Campaign Content Development

Our aim is to offer a dynamic experience that goes beyond rewarding users with their membership purchase/donation. We strive to keep them engaged with relevant content, surveys, trivia, and other fun content. Moreover, our team will develop promotional and marketing materials to help showcase the benefits of your new platform as outlined above.

Coupon Travel Page

With access to 500,000+ coupons and deals from over 40,000 business across the U.S. and Canada, taking your member benefits with you is a great way to save. Along with these benefits membership fees can act as a fundraiser

Dynamic Fundraising

Our aim is to offer a dynamic experience that goes beyond rewarding patients for submitting vitals. We strive to keep them engaged with wellness tips, healthy and delicious recipes, and other fun content. Moreover, our team will develop promotional and marketing materials to help showcase the benefits of your new platform as outlined above.

Patient Rewards &
Support License

The revenue potential of our program is incredible, thanks to the per-patient LTV. 

Each user license enables us to offer instant benefits, rewards, and content, encouraging your patients to register their vitals more frequently.

We’ve made adjustments to our model to help offset some initial fees while ensuring that you gain value and savings as the program continues to grow and thrive with a per-user fee that decreases with scale.

Each user fee includes the following:
growth savings

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